About The Course

Post-Qualification Support

After completion of training and when working professionally as a mindfulness teacher, it can at times be a lonely life out there. The UK College of Mindfulness Meditation helps to prevent this from happening by making sure that its graduates are supported, professionally, on an on-going basis by the College’s continuing professional development (CPD) and supervision programmes.

In fact, before graduates are granted an accredited teacher status and membership of The UK College they are required to make a declaration of compliance with our ethical code, including that they agree to a programme of regular supervision and on-going CPD. This is monitored on an annual basis.

Beyond this, the learning / support is ongoing and open-ended. The college maintains an open-door policy of welcoming students and graduates in person or via skype / phone. Each Monday the college has a supportive meditation ‘sitting’ online 7pm – 8pm open to all students and graduates. This is an ideal opportunity to maintain supportive, formal practice. All are welcome.